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Swing For Oscar
Fundraising For Oscar Hall

Monday, October 17, 2016 at 12pm

– Lunch & Registration begin at noon
– Shotgun Start 1PM
– Dinner & Awards 6-10PM
– Prizes for longest drive & shortest to the pin
– Raffle | Silent Auction

Swing for Oscar Tournament Registration:

Meet Oscar:

Over the last two years the Hall Family has seen their fair share of ups and downs most especially when it has come to the health of their little boy Oscar Hall.

Oscar is a now 2 year old with Down Syndrome related medical challenges that have spanned the last two years in some major areas of his body.
He has a seizure disorder, GI feeding complications, pulmonary illnesses, and medication induced urinary complications. In all areas it has taken numerous trips and admissions over many, many months to just now start to see significant improvement.

Winter/late spring was a time for getting pulmonary under control and the final area of great need was in his feeding department.

He had a good three weeks at home in March when he experienced a life threatening condition called intussusception where the intestines telescope over themselves. Back to the hospital mom and Oscar went for a two and a half month stay to try to get Oscar once and for all at a stable place with nutrition, weight gain, and physical strength. He was discharged with a feeding tube and a lower cecostomy tube for flushing his gastro intestinal tract twice daily.

Dad manned the home front working many extra hours to keep the growing financial strain in as good a position as he could.

The family was finally reunited in mid June at their little home in Newport and on July 3rd had three near back-to-back stays back in Boston at Children’s Hospital.

Oscar has been home and stable since July 30th but this has certainly taken an emotional, physical, and financial toll on the family.

As noted dad is working but mom has become unemployed due to the number of stays at the hospital with Oscar making her unable to commit to hours anywhere at this time. She is always by his side for each admission often sleeping in pull out chairs and getting little to no rest.

Through it all even when things are darkest they keep the mindset that there is always the dawn and promise of that next improvement.

They are struggling – there is no question but most importantly they are surviving. That’s what the Hall’s do!

With friends and family continuing to surround the family with support, love and light they continue to march forward and take each day as it comes.

Please help us – help this family keep their dreams alive and their lives afloat during our planned Fall Golf Fundraiser, Swing for Oscar.